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It is an honor to serve in these various businesses, as each one is unique and brings a special joy to those involved.

A brilliant solution to financial parenting

From age 7-25, each young person will make about 30 choices that are essentially million dollar decisions.  These classes will help you empower your children (and grandchildren) to take their dream job while also coming out several million dollars ahead.  No hype.



Need counsel on how to be a better tentmaker?

The Apostle Paul served in the marketplace and the ministry.  Do you need advice on how to earn more money, move into part-time ministry, or fund your existing ministry?  Set up a Private Consultation here (which takes you to my Financial HEIRs website to pay fee and schedule it).

Invest in the shekel and the Israeli stock exchange

Would you like to support the Israeli economy, follow ethical investing, support the Messianic Jewish community, and receive competitive returns on your investment?  Set up an appointment with WMI by clicking above, or contact me to discuss my relationship with Evan Liberman at WMI.



News Service
US State Emphasis

Each state in the US is increasingly realizing the importance of their state's political decisions.  Do you want to be part of the solution to our country's journalism problem?  Inquire about joining a podcast team that covers international events with a local twist.

Let's Work Together

If these businesses were not what you were looking for, then visit the pages for Ministries, Co-Author, or Store

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