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Want to co-author
or help on a project?

I am looking to co-author a number of books.  Read through these projects, as one may catch your attention.

It can be fun to share ideas, use shared files, and keep the project moving forward through quasi-accountability.  I'd love to talk with you if you're a researcher, writer, editor, test-reader, etc. and have an interest in one of these books.  I'm also open to somebody being a liaison to the publisher.

I seldom find time to explain each of these projects to the right person.  So I've provided a list below of partially completed projects that I'd like to continue ... if I can find one or more people to join that project.

Finally, I'm very open to generously sharing the proceeds.  But FYI there isn't much money to be made in authoring books, so jump on board if it looks like the right project (instead of a money maker).

Are Jewish Holidays Relevant to Christians?

Addressing Christian's curiosity about the holidays by looking at relevant verses ... especially the OT verses on the mixed multitude's relationship to Jewish holidays, along with whether holidays have a commanded public gathering.  Status: I'm looking for test-readers.

Prophetic Events at the Jerusalem Temple in Luke-Acts

Why are there so many encounters with the Holy Spirit at the Jerusalem Temple in Luke and Acts?  How is the modern reader to view the Jerusalem Temple in light of the Holy Spirit being so active at the Temple after Jesus' resurrection?  Status: I have notes that need organized into chapters.

History of the Righteous Gentiles

Examining the origins of Jew-Gentile unity and the history of the righteous Gentiles prior to Jesus ... their history in Genesis, worship alongside Israel in the Exodus, their definition of sin, and implications when reading the New Testament.  Status: I have notes organized into chapters.

The Mixed Multitude: Mysteries of the Acts 15 Jerusalem Council and the One New Man

My fifteen year research project and dissertation, now in a more readable book form.  Status: I'm looking for test-readers.

Ancient Worldview:
NT Authors vs Modern Readers

What would have been a typical worldview of the first century Jewish authors of the New Testament?  What was the role of the Jerusalem Temple when they were writing?  How can a modern reader better interpret these realities?  Status: I have notes organized into chapters.   

Ghosts, Zombies, & the After-Life: A Biblical, Medical, and Ancient Response

Why are western cultures fascinated with ghosts and zombies?  Why do so many people globally worship ancestral spirits?  Are they tormenting us?  Help!  Status: I have notes and a bibliography of books to research.

What is the
New Covenant?

We are basing our forgiveness of sins upon the new covenant.  What biblical passages define it?  Status: I have notes organized into chapters.  

Chava -
A Children's Book

Historical fiction based upon Mark 5 and healing (physical and emotional).  It's anointed when I've read it to other people.  Audience is ages 8+.  Status: I need an illustrator.

The Longing of the Apostolic Heart

Am I apostolic?  Why am I struggling to connect with my role in the Body, people who are not apostolic, and finding God's path forward?  Status: I have notes assembled.  

Making Sense of 20th Century History

What were the key events?  The focus for this book is the Middle East and the USA.  Status: I have a 75 page draft written already.

Original Covenants of the States in America

Each US State made an original charter ... often for either economic or spiritual purposes.  If these are seen as covenants, then a covenant-keeping God will honor the spiritual aspects of them.  Please consider joining this research, which will greatly help direct the intercession and predict the outcome of certain US states. Status: research phase  

Jewish Roots?  Twelve FAQ's

The twelve questions-themes that people most often ask, even if they do not realize they are asking that question.  Status: I have the questions and drafted answers, plus a chart, plus a link on how they are each intertwined with Acts 15.

Bar Mitzvah for Christians?

A "confirmation" process for Gentile Christian young people age 11-13 who love the Messianic movement.  Themes include responsibility, adulthood, purity, the three cardinal sins, and financial stewardship.  Status: I have extensive notes, files to research, and can add the brilliant solution to traditional financial parenting.  Need a name other than bar mitzvah.


I am journaling major events during this Shemitah (seventh) year, as we look to "observe the holiday" somehow from Fall 2021 to Fall 2022.  Status: The journal needs to be modified into a compelling storyline.

Shocked by Jesus

Presenting basic facts about the Jewishness of Jesus that are "shocking."  Inspired by Kovacs' book Shocked by the Bible.  Written using humor, pop culture, basic verses, and basic first century culture ... to an audience unfamiliar with the Bible.  Status: I have ideas and drafts.  

History of St. Augustine - Intercessors' Perspective

In 2022, we are gathering the history of the intercessors' initiatives in the First Coast region of Florida over the past 50 years.  This will help determine future prayer needs.  Status: Research phase

Journalism - Understanding the History and Ethics 

Helping readers see the origins of western journalism, why the industry is changing, etc.  Status: Two doctoral papers I wrote that can easily be merged into one.

The Acts 15 Chronicle

Gathering articles on Acts 15 from various authors, assembled into a  book series in order to accelerate the learning curve for all.  Status: Almost ready to send to the publisher.

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