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Books for Sale

Presently, I'm gathering test-readers for The Mixed Multitude: Mysteries of the Acts 15 Jerusalem Council and the One New Man.  Let me know if you are interested in reviewing my draft manuscript.

Eternal Finances

For brief tips on financial parenting - generosity, work ethic, wise spending, and investing - visit my Eternal Finances site.  By signing up for this, newsletter, you will also hear about the free classes, when my book on this subject will be released, etc.

After my parents trained me back in the 1980's to follow the "Dave Ramsey style" principles, their training never became part of my lifestyle as an adult until some very unusual circumstances took place.  So here is an ingenious solution that my kids LOVE ... a FUN way to develop strong work ethic, smart shopping, generosity, and a love for investing. 

Using anthropology (study of all mankind), the plan is created to be simple enough for kids to easily understand ... because they are human just like us.  You can help your kids break the cycle of poverty or the cycle of middle-class!

General Donation

If you are feeling connected to these ministries and would like to donate, you can give through Tikkun or preferably through FC-HOP.

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